Thursday, March 6, 2008

Pretty Sunset, Lunar Eclipse and Marvin

Well I've had a few more opportunities to test out features of my camera and I'm still very pleased with it! There are so many times that I see things that I want to take pictures of but I don't like carrying around my camera everywhere because I fear it will get stolen or broken, so I usually only take pictures when I'm at home. A few weeks ago, there was a really beautiful sunset that I got a couple pictures of:

The sky at a distance.

A closer view, testing out the scenic zoom.

Also, as I was driving home one night, I noticed the moon looked different but I couldn't tell what was so different. I hadn't heard anything about the lunar eclipse, and I believe it has been since 4th or 5th grade since I've seen it, so it took me a few minutes to realize what it was. Unfortunately it takes me longer to get home living out in Marcola now, so by the time I got my camera and got down to the end of the driveway where I could see it, it was starting to get darker pretty quickly. I did, however, get some pretty good pictures, although they're a little blurry.

I liked this one because you can see the stars around the moon.

Here is a closer picture of it.

Another thing I finally got around to taking pictures of is my furry little child, Marvin! I love this bunny, even though he's a bit of a pain in the butt at times due to his messes. My friends got together last year for my birthday and bought him for me. I haven't had a pet in awhile, but I'd have to say that a bunny is probably more work than a cat or dog even! Although I don't have to take him on walks or anything, he is so messy and is not potty trained very well, even though I tried my best. He's still a lot of fun to watch though and he's so cute.

Meet Marvin, the bunny.

My favorite part of Marvin is his tuft of fur between his ears!

This is Marvin's favorite activity.

And here is Marvin's sweet pad. Yes he is a tad spoiled!

My parents are so very nice to allow me to have Marvin here, as he obviously takes up a lot of room and requires lots of cleaning-up after, which my mom does a lot of for me! Poor little guy has some kind of allergies or something and has been sneezing lots and rubbing his eyes. He seems to be getting better now, but he has had these problems off and on for a few months now. I did take him to the only vet in town that sees rabbits, and she just gave me some ointment to put in his eyes, which worked til I stopped using it. I'm hesitant to take him again and pay a big vet fee if he's getting better, but we'll see. I just feel bad for him.

This term is finally nearing the end, and I am so ready for it to be over! This has been the most challenging term I think I've ever had! Mostly the amount of work to do and the big projects all term long. But I'm down to only 3 projects/papers left! I have really loved being at Department of Human Services this term, but I am going to intern at Courageous Kids next term and I'm sooooo excited! I've already gone to 2 trainings and 2 groups early just because I wanted to. It's an art therapy grief support program for kids who have lost a parent, sibling, grandparent or other family member, and my niece Emma is actually in it. I really love it there, and the program leaders are such amazing people! I am so happy to be there, and I will be doing my senior project there as well, which I have not figured out yet. Anyway that is the latest with me. I will be on the East Coast with my brother from the 16th to the 23rd, going to Baltimore, New York, Philadelphia, DC, and possibly more places if time permits. I will definitely be blogging about that!


Lindsay, David and Connor said...

Marvin is so cute. I love his little...I mean big home. It is like a bunny castle.

Anonymous said...

Yes this is THE most spoiled bunny I have ever seen. But he is cute and pretty easy to take care of. Oh and I like the lunar photos.

Jill said...

Oh, my little fuzzy nephew Marvey!!! :P He's so cute, and Byron adores his cousin (even if it's only to torment him and shake his cage to see him run...). Fortunately, even though he's spoiled, he hasn't got only-child-syndrome and is very well-behaved, so you're doing a good job raising him :) Those are really good shots of the lunar eclipse, by the way, they're usually really blurry! So you done good!