Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Weekend in Lincoln City

Some of my friends and I stayed the weekend in Lincoln City last weekend and it was the best weather I've ever seen at the coast! It wasn't very windy at all and it must have been around 80 degrees. Our view from the hotel was awesome too! Here I am enjoying the view from the balcony. Two of my friends thought that since the weather was so nice, they should go skinny dipping. While the rest of us weren't interested, the first thing that came to mind was blackmail!!!! All of us have myspace, and it would be so fun to for them to visit my page and discover my new background is a giant picture of them skinny dipping! So I got all excited and shared my idea with all of them. We went down to the beach and they went running off toward the water, as I ran behind in the pitch black turning my camera on and trying to get it ready when.... BAM!! The next thing I know I'm face first in the sand with my camera! All my evilness ended there because my camera got sand stuck in it and it wouldn't work! I then did not have my camera all weekend! I suppose that was God intervening and letting me know it wasn't a very nice idea! Oh well lesson learned... Here we are after the event, no blackmail pictures though!

The next day we went shopping at the outlet malls and then went down to the beach for a few hours. While getting ready to sun bathe, I discovered exactly how pale I am. Everyone else had nice tans, or at least a little color to them. I, on the other hand, was able to blend into the white blanket I was laying on in the sand. It's pretty incredible, really, that one can actually be THAT white! Anyway, it was a really fun trip and we have decided to do it every summer from now on. Its hard to get together anymore, especially with people that have moved away. But we all had a lot of fun, the only thing we want to change is to stay longer!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Eight Facts About Me!

Jill and mom tagged me so I will share 8 facts about me that you may or may not know!

1. I don't really like desserts or sweets much, but ice cream is my one true love! And my favorite is chocolate ice cream mmmmmmmm!!! But I don't like pies or many cakes or brownies or any of that stuff.

2. I take after my mom and watch Days of Our Lives every chance I get. I work two jobs right now and I'm lucky enough to schedule my break between the two of them from 1 to 2 so I get to watch it frequently (its on in the background now)! It is an amazing show! If anybody finds this weird or thinks I'm a freak, its my mom's fault so talk to her.

3. I just noticed that my right toenail is significantly longer and shaped differently than my left one and it really bothers me. A few people have commented on it in the past but I never knew what they meant. And when I discovered it I told Jill and she acted like it was the only significant and noticeable aspect of me. Apparently everyone but me has noticed it! Now I can't stop looking at it. But I can't cut it any shorter without cutting my toe! I'm very bothered by this. Do you see it? I can't believe I never noticed!

4. I adore hot pockets and lean pockets. They are my main meal. I eat hot pockets and green beans for dinner very frequently! Want to come over for dinner some time?

5. I rarely wear makeup. I hate the way my face feels with makeup on. And when I wear mascara I always get it smeared all over the place. I always feel like foundation and cover-up are clogging my pores. And its terrible because I have dark circles under my eyes so I look like death most often. Oh well.

6. My favorite movies are Superstar and Napoleon Dynamite! I love dumb movies and I will never stop! They are so funny to me and I have watched both of them hundreds of times and I still crack up when I watch them.

7. I haven't owned a swimsuit since I was in elementary school. I hate swimsuits and I refuse to spend money on them. If I want to go in water I will wear shorts and a tank top that I already have.

8. I can't swim! Perhaps thats why I don't buy swimsuits and rarely go swimming. I can swim in my parents pool that goes down to 10 feet but thats because I can see the bottom and I know I won't die. If I were plunged into a river or ocean I'd die without a doubt.

I don't really have many people linked on here yet except my mom and sister, who both tagged me, so I won't tag anyone.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Where shall I begin...

I don't have that exciting of a life, but I do have a great life. What I mean by that is that I am not married and have no kids, so there will not be any wedding pictures or baby's first steps stories, unless I am living an imaginary life or speaking of somebody else's life. On the other hand, I have wonderful family and friends who are all crazy and they never fail to amuse me. I have no idea what I may blog about, but I have family and friends on here so I thought I would join. So here I go!