Wednesday, October 17, 2007

My look-a-likes

It's good to know that I look 5% more like Michael Jackson than some random toothless hillbilly woman my mom found online awhile ago!

The new love of my life and a little bit of updates

I haven't written in a few months now so I thought I'd at least put something on my page. I don't really have much to talk about though, but there is one very exciting and amazing new thing in my life...
So my camera broke back in august while at the beach and luckily I had a warranty on it. So I recently got the refund back and bought myself a new camera. This new camera is delightful and I love it like I would love a child of mine. I practiced with it out at my parents' house for awhile and I'm thoroughly amazed at its capabilities! Did I mention that I LOVE IT?!?! Well I do. Anyway my mom has been searching for a new camera for a few months now and seriously mom, you should get this one! If you want to look up all of its features, it's a Kodak Z712 IS with 7.1 mega pixels and 12x optical zoom (which is the best part!) The Kodak website has all the details. I may sound completely pathetic at how much I adore and lust over this camera, but it's really the only thing I have to mess with outside of school, work, and my internship.
Here are some pictures that I took at my parents' house this weekend just to give an idea of the different things I love about it. I put them in a collage so they're kind of cut off but they all turned out really great. I also took some pictures of my niece and nephew that I'm pretty happy with.

The goose in pre-ladybug sqhoosh mode.

The Byster allowing the nasty varmets to crawl on him.

Anyway, I think you all get the drift that I'm in love with my camera. Now I just need a camera case to protect it, and upon looking for a camera case, I found a tripod, some lenses, and a rechargeable battery that all look quite lovely. Luckily I don't have the money for that!

Also, although some people out there may not like the idea of tattoos, I got a tattoo recently that is in memory of Kyla. It is on my upper back between my shoulder blades. I'm quite happy with it and I'm very glad I did it. This is a picture my mom took of it right after it was done, so it's kind of red in the photo. It is now all healed and it looks great (in my opinion anyway). :)

Other than those few things, I don't have much going on in my life... I am doing pretty well in school so far so I am happy with that. I really enjoy the Family and Human Services program at UO and all of the professors involved so that makes it much easier. My internship is at Lane School for kids that have behavior issues and that has been challenging but very fun!