Tuesday, February 5, 2008

It has been awhile!

Well it has been awhile since I've posted something, so I decided to post some pictures I took around the house when it snowed here last week. I would have to say my favorite hobby right now is taking pictures, and I love every opportunity to be able to test out new settings with it. All of the pictures were just around the house, and it is definitely more beautiful living out in the country when it snows, with all the trees around and everything.

The sun peeking through the clouds

The house surrounded by the snow

I just liked the look of the mailboxes, though the paper didn't make it that day!

A visual of how deep it was to walk in

The pool looked really neat also, so I had to capture that!

Well I haven't had much time to take pictures other than when it snowed and we were snowed in! I moved in with my parents at the end of December, and then I started up school and my new internship at Department of Human Services, Child Welfare Program. I have really enjoyed it at this site so far, and I've learned a lot! I have a really great case worker that I shadow, and he has been excellent at finding ways to get me really involved and for me to get the best experience possible. I've been able to read case files and go to court hearings and home visits. I also got to shadow an intake worker one day, which involved interviewing children in danger and going to see the environment the child was living in off and on (disgusting and terrible, I must add!). It is really heart breaking to see, but at the same time it is such a good feeling to be able to get the kids out of their horrible situation. I could never imagine going through half of what the majority of these kids have gone through, and they are so young! It is really sad, but again it can be rewarding to get both the parents and the children the help they need.

School has been really busy and hectic this term, probably one of my busiest terms thus far. It involves so much group work and extra time getting together outside of class, as well as it has been confusing for everyone in the program having a new online course that they are just trying out this year, and a really difficult research class, as well as a class that is very unorganized with cranky instructors that don't appear to really know what they're doing. It has been really draining already, and its only half way through the term! But I'm hoping for a more relaxed term in the Spring.

Other than school and my internship, I'm still working about 10 hours a week mentoring a girl in therapeutic foster care. I really enjoy my job, it is challenging but incredibly rewarding. I experienced my first incident report this past week over some information she told me that was scary and very serious. I stressed over it all weekend and I was very nervous to report the information, but I felt so relieved and I knew I did the right thing when it was over. I think it is really the first time I can actually say I genuinely enjoy being challenged at a job and having to make serious and tough decisions. Though it can be very stressful often with the responsibility the job requires, it is so wonderful to know what a difference I am making for her. I really hope I am able to find a full time position similar to this after I graduate.

Well this is what I've been doing over the past month, and what I will be doing until mid-march. And then I will be off to the east coast traveling around with Brian! I can't wait!


Sarah said...

Your leaving? Sad days! Kels I can only imagine how wonderful of a job you are doing with your internship and job. I can't believe how grown up you are now! tear tear. But really your awesome and keep up the good work!

Sarah Peterson said...

I had no idea you were wanting to do social work... That sounds like a stress full job. I watched a Law and Order about a case-worker lady and it was a sad one about kids in bad situations. I'm not sure I could do that... But, you would be great for it. Good luck Kels!

Jill said...

Jill's Important List of Comments:
1. You take really good pictures, you dirt bag. I want your camera.

2. I'm very proud of the good job you're doing in school and internships and mentoring and all of that grown-up stuff. It's amazing that my baby sister is such an adult, and so compassionate. But don't tell anyone I said so.

3. About going traveling on the East Coast with Brian: shut up, you dirt bag. Or I'll heft my gargantuan hog body into the seat next to you on the plane, laugh hysterically through my nose at my own jokes, fall asleep a half hour into the flight with my head on your shoulder, snoring, and drooling onto your teeshirt. Then I'll suddenly go into labor and give birth in your lap.

4. Thanks for the entertaining blog!

Karen K. said...

You and your sister never fail to entertain. I read your blog and get her too!

Your pictures are beautiful. I liked the one that showed the depth of the snow. I wouldn't have thought to show it that way... (Yes, I need help)

How much more school do you have? (I hope you didn't mention that in there and I missed it...again I would need help). And I agree with Sarah, social work is very rewarding but must be very draining. I think there are only some people who can handle it and you are definitely one of those. My heart would be broken.

Blog more about the East Coast... what are your plans?