Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Baltimore and DC

I spent yesterday in Baltimore with Brian and we had lunch with some of his coworkers at a place called Bertha's. I got a pretty sweet bumper sticker that says "Eat Bertha's Mussels" because they are famous for their mussels. Baltimore has some pretty cool buildings and spots to see, but for the most part it is a dangerous city with tons of drugs and crime. But I did enjoy my time around the city and I took some nice pictures.

Brain showing his "love" of Baltimore.

Us at the Pier at Fells Point.

The National Aquarium at the Inner Harbor.

A view of Baltimore from the Inner Harbor.

The ESPN Center, huge Barnes and Noble and Hard Rock Cafe.

We had a full day in Baltimore, took a nap, went to dinner, then came back and played scrabble for a few hours with Brian's neighbor, Eva. We had a great day and then went to bed to get ready for DC.

Today, we woke up early and headed off to DC around 8:30AM on the train. We arrived in DC around 10AM and traveled around to all the memorials we could think of and even a museum.

Here's Brian napping on the way to DC.

The first thing we saw was the Capitol Building.

Next we went through the National Air and Science Museum.

These are some of the first airplanes.

The first orbital to go around the world.

Amelia and her airplane!

The Washington Memorial

The White House

World War II Memorial

Korean War Memorial

Vietnam War Memorial wall

Lincoln Memorial

Brian demonstrating the dangers.

Jefferson Memorial

Where the money is made!

These are about all the things we saw. It took us 5 hours to walk around and see all of these memorials but it was a lot of fun. We really wanted to see the Holocaust Memorial Museum but we would have had to wait a few hours in line so we may go back this weekend if we have time. I got a lot more great pictures but these are the better ones I have. We are off to Philadelphia tomorrow and then New York City on Thursday and Friday. We are very excited to go! I will be updating more soon.


Anonymous said...
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Egghead said...

Wow Kelli. You guys are cramming a lot into your visit. It looks really great. Keep the pictures coming. Hey that spam message above should be deleted by you. I think you can go in and look under moderate to do that. The way to stop that is to turn on the word verification. I had a few of those before on the wee ones web site.

Well I love you and have fun!

PS...Brian looks silly in that demonstration of a dangerous fall. What a goof.

Sarah Peterson said...

wow, looks like fun. There is SO much to see there. I've went a couple of times and still haven't seen it all. Theres so much walking... make sure you buy some suvineers! Oh- and Happy Late Birthday!

Jill said...

Brian's such a spaz! I'm glad you're having fun, even if you have to smell Barney, and I'm very jealous!!! Give B a big fat slimy nasty perverted, uncomfortably long kiss for me (or for Wade, whichever he prefers) and be careful! Love you tons!

Lindsay, David and Connor said...

That is awesome! I have never been to the East Coast! Keep posting pictures and stuff. It is fun to read all about your travels!