Thursday, September 18, 2008

Belknap Hot Springs

My friend Liz and I went to Belknap Hot Springs last week. She had never been there, but had heard it was pretty so we took a day trip. It was a very pretty day and we both got a lot of great pictures. She was looking for somewhere she could take her boyfriend, and after she saw it she was excited to show him. I have always thought it would be a really pretty place to have a wedding, and who knows, maybe some day it will be for me! Anyway, we took lots of pictures and here are some of them:

This is the heart garden.

There were lots of beautiful flowers, even though it was late in the summer. I told Liz she should come back in the spring when there are usually even more flowers in bloom.

Asian garden

Secret Garden

I had forgotten all about the secret garden until I saw the big brick wall hidden behind plants. Then I could hear water flowing and I remembered it being back there. We found it and it was so pretty! It is such a nice place to go on a sunny day. It seems so peaceful out there. We had a nice time, then had to come back and go to work! :( Sometimes reality bites!


Egghead said...

I agree, reality bites. I love Belknap. It is one of my favorite places around here. I am feeling the need to make a day trip up the river to see it again. Nice pictures, epsecially the flowers.

Jill said...

I love Belknap! I'm so jealous you got to go up there! But I love the pictures; very very pretty. *sigh* I need to go one of these days. Us women-folk should make a day trip out of it!

Kristi said...

Kells - I love Belknap Springs - very pretty spot!

Karen K. said...

I cannot believe that I live so close and have actually never been to Belknap. I talk about it! Does that count? Thanks for the pics to inspire me to make the trip.

Anonymous said...

I haven't been to Belknap, but I hear it is very beautiful and my son and his bride are having their wedding there this summer. Beware! They are very disorganized and difficult to work with when it comes to weddings. Thankfully my son's bride IS very organized!