Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I've been tagged...

Well I think I did something like this not too long ago, but I will do it again!

Four Things You Might/Might Not Want To Know About Me!
  • *I have recently become addicted to Scrabble online (scrabulous) and I've managed to get a few friends hooked as well. It all started when Brian started a game with me on Facebook, but he was incredibly slow at his turn so I searched for online scrabble. It's my one true love at the moment and it helps me procrastinate!
  • *I have a really high gag reflex and a texture issue when it comes to particular foods. I don't like foods like marshmallows, whipped cream, and rice because they have a weird texture to me and it makes me gag.
  • *My eyes are green and blue. They are green around my pupil and then blue around that.
  • *I have really thick wavy hair, but it drives me nuts and it doesn't straighten very well. Most people say they'd like hair like mine, but I would actually rather have straight hair that I don't have to spend so much time on.
Four jobs I've held:
  • *Painter for UO Housing in the summers. I got to paint smelly dorm rooms.
  • *Delivery driver for Papa John's Pizza.
  • *Office Assistant for two companies.
  • *Direct Support Professional (Mentor) for RISE, Inc.
Four movies I could watch over and over:
  • *Superstar
  • *Napoleon Dynamite
  • *Hope Floats
  • *A Christmas Story
Places I've lived (in order):
  • *Baker City, OR
  • *Springfield, OR
  • *Eugene, OR
  • *Again, Springfield, OR... but it's way out near Marcola so it's like another city!
Four TV shows I like:
  • *The Office!!!!
  • *Days of Our Lives (Its mom's fault)
  • *Gilmore Girls re-runs
  • *Full House re-runs
Four favorite foods:
  • *Spaghetti
  • *Lasagna
  • *Chicken Bisque
  • *Seafood Fettuccine
Where I would rather be:
  • *At the coast!


Jill said...

"but I would actually rather have straight hair that I don't have to spend so much time on."

huh huh. Huh huh. You're such a terd.

Egghead said...

Let this be a lesson to you....straight hair...I have stick straight fine hair and let me tell you....I spend a LOT of time trying to bend it into shape to make it look like it has some volume. Still doesn't work. You are lucky. Marcola like another city..ha ha ha. A city of 29. Hey don't diss my Days takes me away.

Karen K. said...

Straight hair is NOT easy to deal with. It just hangs and looks limp and blah. I'd love a little bit of wave so I could just... well, I don't know what I'd do. I think I'll have the hairstyle I currently have now cuz I can finally make my hair work! I spent all my life perming my hair. Ugh. I think I used to loook twice as old as I do now. (And if I'm wrong, don't tell me!)