Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Chuck E Cheese's and Santa

Chuck E Cheese's just opened yesterday here and I have never been before so I was SO excited to go! A few of my friends and I were supposed to take another friend to a birthday dinner, but she cancelled so we decided to go to Chuck E Cheese's instead and it was SOOOO fun!!!!! The food wasn't that great and they actually had to bring out our pizza 3 times because they messed up twice, but the real reason I was there... the games... was amazing! Then good ol' Chuck was more than willing to have his picture taken, so I whipped out my phone and started snapping away!

Chuck E posing with a little kid

Chuck E modeling for me, what a stud!

Me and Chuck E!

Shauna, Chuck E and Erica!

The only set back to Chuck E Cheese's is that there are TONS of little kids running around and not being closely monitered so I had a few little ones "helping" me out... But it was funny. So after a very fun-filled evening, we started back to our car, and what do we see???? It was SANTA!!! But wait! Santa wasn't getting into his sleigh...

Santa drives a Honda?!

Well apparently the elves are working on the sleigh, and the reindeer must be resting up for the big night ahead. There was a lot of people taking pictures and calling others telling them of the news that Santa was getting into his Honda and talking on his Cell phone. It was quite the sight!


Vonda said...

I didn't even know that Chucky Cheese was coming here. That should be fun to take the grandkids to.
Ha ha! Santa in his modern sleigh....I bet he hated everyone spying on him.

Sarah Peterson said...

I went to Chuck-E-Cheese for the first time this past year too! It's pretty fun! Oh,and about the UofO grading system, that is SOO ridiculous! I agree- an A is an A! Way to get such AMAZING grades!

Karen K. said...

Santa didn't look too pleased to get caught... Then again, the pic is small and my eyes aren't what they used to be!